LEAP Developer Days Terms and Conditions

Date of last revision: Monday, February 24, 2020

Thanks for your interest in Magic Leap, Inc.’s (“Magic Leap,” “we,” or “our”) LEAP Developer Days (the “Event”)! These terms apply to any individual who is invited to attend the Event.

About the Event The Event will consist of two sessions scheduled to take place on October 6-7 and 8-9, 2020 at Magic Leap’s headquarter offices in Plantation, Florida. Your invitation to attend the Event is only for one of these sessions. Please check https://www.magicleap.com/events (the “Site”) for more information about the Event.

Checking In at the Event When you check-in at the Event, you’ll be asked to present a valid form of government issued identification. In order to be admitted into the Event, the name on your identification must match the name that you used to register for the Event. If Magic Leap provides you with an identity badge during the Event, you will be required to wear the badge at all times during the Event.

Access to Magic Leap’s Facilities While visiting our facilities, you may not engage in any loud, rude, or otherwise disruptive behavior - during the Event it will be business as usual at Magic Leap, so please be respectful of our employees and visitors at all times.

While you’re visiting our facilities, you must comply with any and all Magic Leap instructions, policies and procedures, including with respect to Internet access, security requirements, and safety precautions. Certain portions of Magic Leap’s facilities may be designated as “no photography” and/or “no video” zones; you will be required to respect such restrictions if communicated to you by Magic Leap. You may only access the parts of the Magic Leap facilities expressly authorized by Magic Leap.

Use of Magic Leap Products and Services We may provide you with access to Magic Leap hardware during the Event. If we do, then you may only use the hardware during the Event, and may not remove the hardware from our facilities for any reason. Your use of Magic Leap’s products and services at the Event will at all times be subject to Magic Leap’s standard end user license agreements and services agreements, which can be found at https://resources.magicleap.com/legal.

Your Responsibilities You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own Magic Leap device to the Event. If you do, it’s your sole responsibility to safeguard your device (and all of your other belongings).

We also encourage you, at your discretion, to share any ideas or applications that you’re working on at the Event; however, Magic Leap is not under any obligation to keep any ideas or applications you share confidential. Magic Leap (or other developers who may have relationships with Magic Leap) may be developing products, content, software, concepts, systems, or techniques that are similar to or compete with products, content, software, concepts, systems, or techniques that you may develop in connection with the Event or otherwise. You acknowledge that multiple products (including products of a similar nature) may be in simultaneous development for Magic Leap’s platform at any time.

Registration Cancellations If you’ve registered for the Event but are unable to attend, please notify us as soon as possible (through the registration platform or by email, to events@magicleap.com), preferably at least 14 days before the Event.

Transferring Registrations Registrations for the Event are not transferable.

Changes to the Event Magic Leap reserves the right to make changes to the Event - including changes to the venue, schedule of programming, or speakers - in its sole discretion, and will post any updates on the Site.

Postponement or Cancellation of the Event Magic Leap reserves the right to postpone or cancel the Event if Magic Leap believes it’s necessary to do so. Magic Leap will provide notice of any postponement or cancellation of the Event by email, and by updating the Site, as soon as possible.

Disclaimer Magic Leap is not responsible for any views or statements expressed by non-Magic Leap speakers or attendees, or the actions of any third parties.

In addition, Magic Leap will not be responsible or liable for any direct or indirect losses, damages, or injuries arising from the Event, including any costs incurred in connection with the postponement or cancellation of the Event.

Filming at the Event Magic Leap (or another party on its behalf) may take photographs, stream live, or make video recordings during the Event for promotional purposes. If you attend the Event, you consent to being photographed and/or filmed for such purpose.

Questions If you have any questions about the Event, feel free to email Magic Leap at events@magicleap.com.

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